Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Fun!

We've had alot going on this summer and definitely since my last post. My sister had her baby on July 8th. Beckett Don. He is so cute! We went boating, fireworks, to the Rodeo, and St George. Again, here it all is in pictures:

I also turned 29 on July 27th...yikes! We closed on our house and are finishing up tile, paint and new carpet. We should be moved in by the end of August. I'm 34wks pregnant and have been MISERABLE! Vericose vein on my leg that is as big as can be and got much worse this time around, sciatic pain that I had before but it is also much worse this time thanks to the d-bag that rear ended my 2 yrs ago! The hubs has to help me up and down, in and out of cars. Trey has been helping me in the morning's(not kidding) roll off the side of the bed and THEN stand up! Oh, and not to mention getting bigger by the second. I've gained the most weight with this one, going on 37 pounds...holla! Still don't know what the sex is. I recommend everyone doing this at least one time. It's so fun and makes it waaaaaay more exciting!! We have a few names picked out. Well, actually, we have a boy name for sure and 2 girl names we can NOT agree on! Maybe I will have a little poll and see what everyone thinks, although I really don't like that idea because whether you like or not, we could really care less :) Anyway's, that's it for now, man that was exhausting. No wonder I don't do this very much :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Catch up!

I'm so behind on this blogging business that I don't even know where to start! So, I'm just going to put it all into pictures. Pictures are much funner anyways. In a nutshell: Trey turned 5 on June 1st. I made him a giant snake cake which I'll never do again, but he LOVED it! He started t-ball and has really liked it. It's so unorganized and I love that because I think the kids have a funner time just playing for fun. We went to the petting zoo and Avery was in animal heaven. Went to St George for a few days and brought back a lizard. I never knew how exhausting it was to keep a dang lizard! From keeping Avery away from it so she doesn't squeeze his guts out to going outside and catching bugs for it...so not fun. We caught her a snake and it wasn't pretty. She loved it too much. Had a great 4th. Parades, candy, Transformers, BBQ and fireworks. Hopefully next time I will have some good news on our house that we are still waiting for.

These two are head over heels for eachother. Wherever Avery is, Halo is right with her.

Seriously, best friends.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Here is April mostly in pictures:

The Easter bunny came and brought them both outfits, a movie and some treats:

Isn't she lovely?

We took them to Surf n Swim. Trey and Jeremy had the most fun. I got hit with a wave and started having contractions so I sat out for a while. I love to swim but it's much more natural for me if we're outside and the sun is beating down on me.

Of coarse Avery was fine with sitting out and observing.

We've took full advantage of the rain, because with rain comes worms and slugs. So we caught a few.(Thank goodness for Dad's, right?)

We mastered potty training. She was awesome. We had a few bumps in the road but we are done!

And last, here I am at the 1/2 way mark. About 20 weeks. This pregnancy has been challenging. Lot's of sickness but luckily it came at night so I was able to still do my daily things and by the time Jeremy got home I could die in my bed for the rest of the night. He or She is measuring big so hopefully it will come sooner, I went into labor with Avery 2 weeks early so I'm hoping for the same thing. I'm still able to work out. Haven't changed my routine yet. Probably will have to when the belly gets to big for running. We put an offer on a house. It was a short sale so it's taking a while but we are so excited and hope it all works out. We'd like to get in before Trey starts kindergarten and has a chance to make some friends in the ward. Anyways, that's about it. See ya in a few!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monster Ball

Saturday night was one of the GREATEST nights of my life! Because I was able to go to the Lady GaGa concert! It was AMAZING!! I went with my sister and some of her friends. We had floor seats which were right next to the stage but not so good for 2 pregnant ladies. Me and my sister were having some major hot flashes and dizzy spells from all the people around us. We seriously had NO room to move, let alone breathe and people are just not very nice, especially when everyone is trying to get as close to the stage as they can so they are pushing everyone closer and closer together. We didn't last long, me and my sister went over to the side towards the back but still had a great view her. Oh man, she can really put on a show and did NOT disappoint. There were a few things we could've definitely have done without,and the people watching was so entertaining. My eyes are still burning from certain images that we witnessed, but so, so, so glad I went. It was crazy fun! (The pics are kind of blurry because of all the smoke coming from the stage but u get the idea. And I apologize if I offend anyone)

It was amazing! I hope I didn't scar my unborn child for life.